Join WOA

Welcome to the Westerly Owners Association.

You can join through our web shop by paying the annual membership subscription.

Ownership of a Westerly is the main criteria for membership. However, we also welcome past owners, prospective owners, co-owners and at the discretion of the Committee anyone with an interest in Westerly.

Membership subscriptions run from January 1st.

We have two membership classes: Full Member and Associate Member.

Full membership is open to all owners or part owners of Westerly yachts.

Associate membership is open to:

  1. Ex-Full members who have disposed of their Westerly;
  2. Those who have stated their intention to buy a Westerly yacht;
  3. Others at the discretion of the Association Committee.

The subscription is the same for both Full and Associate Members and membership benefits are identical for both classes.

Initially all applicants through the web shop are joined as Associates. To be listed as a Full member we require details of your boat. When you have joined enter your details on the site at Your Boat Details under the Member Details tab. We will send you an email as a reminder and as soon as we have checked your boat details against our data base your membership will be upgraded from Associate to a full member.

If you apply to join as an Associate (under 3 above) your application must be approved by our Committee and we would like you to state your reason for joining.

To join follow these steps

  • Click ‘options’ on the membership icon.
  • At the top right of the page is the checkout. This will confirm the type of membership and amount.
  • Click on ‘Proceed to checkout’.
  • On the Checkout screen fill in your details, confirm your agreement to the constitution, rules and privacy policy.
  • Choose the reason for joining  and whether you currently own a Westerly.
  • Then choose your method of payment and finally click ‘Place order’.