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Welcome to the Westerly Owners Association

Why not enjoy the benefits of membership?

The Westerly Owners Association was founded in 1966 and from small beginnings has grown to become the largest yacht owners’ group in the world. Among the benefits members enjoy are widely dispersed camaraderie, great technical support and an unrivalled range of sailing and social opportunities.

Membership is open to all current owners of Westerly boats, and associate membership is available also to past owners and potential future owners. Joining is simple and costs little.

The Association achieves over 3,000 annual memberships, and is well on course to keep growing. Given that over 12,000 British-built boats rolled off the Westerly production line during the years from 1966 to 2000, it is easy to see why our Commodore maintains that there is potential for recruiting still greater numbers.

The Association’s first yearbook recorded 103 members in 1966. That total had grown to 1,000 by 1993, climbing to twice that by the turn of the millennium.

Membership is truly international, with the majority of owners of course based in the United Kingdom but also in no less than 21 other countries, including the USA, Canada, Ireland, the Middle East, Far East and Caribbean.